Collaborating scientists

Table 1. Collaborators aligned with HeDWIC providing key technologies.

CollaboratorExpertizeMain contribution to HeDWIC in terms of shared expertize and/or technologies | AffiliationLink
Senthold Asseng
Crop Modelling
Modelling heat stress impacts in target breeding locations | Univ Florida
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Jose Luis Araus
Crop Physiology, stable isotopes
Phenotyping spike photosynthesis | Univ Barcelona
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Owen Atjkin/Barry Pogson
Crop Physiology

Expertize in respiration | ANU
*Coast et al.,(in revision) “Predicting dark respiration rate of wheat leaves from hyperspectral reflectance”

Daniel Calderini
Crop Physiology, grainfilling

Grain weight potential, supervision of graduate students | Univ Austral Chile

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Scott Chapman
Crop physiology & modelling
High throughput phenotyping | Univ Queensland
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Nick Collins
Crop genetics
stress physiology; supervision of graduate students | Adelaide University
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Tony Condon
Crop physiology; stable isotopes
High throughput phenotyping, supervision of graduate students | CSIRO
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Bill Davies/Ian Dodd
Crop physiology, PGRs
Plant growth regulators, water productivity, supervising graduate students | Lancaster University
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Fernanda Dreccer
Crop Physiology, grainfilling
Grain development and high throughput phenotyping of spikes and grains | CSIRO
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Jorge Dubcovsky
Crop genetics/breeding
Genetic analysis, germplasm | UC Davis
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John Evans
Photosynthesis, germplasm, supervision of graduate students | Australian Nat Univ
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Frank Ewart/Heidi Webber
Crop Modelling
Modelling heat stress impacts in target breeding locations | University of Bonn
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John Foulkes
Crop Physiology, partitioning

Partitioning, supervision of graduate students | Nottingham University
*Rivera-Amado, Foulkes et al. (submitted) ‘Optimizing dry matter partitioning for increased HI and grain number.. Field Crops Research

Bob Furbank
Crop Physiology, phenotyping

High throughput phenotyping, photosynthesis, supervision of graduate students | CSIRO

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Simon Griffiths
Molecular genetics & breeding
Genetic analysis, germplasm, supervision of graduate students | John Innes Centre
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Anthony Hall
Crop genetics, genotyping

Genotyping of experimental panels, molecular genetics | Earlham Inst.
*Molero, Hall et al., (2019). Elucidating genetic basis of biomass accumulation & RUE in spring wheat. Plant Biotech. J.(in press).

Dirk Hays
Crop physiology/genetics

Ground penetrating radar, supervision of graduate students | Texas A&M
*Camarillo-Castillo, Reynolds, Hays (submitted). High resolution spectral information enables indirect estimation of leaf epicuticular wax load.. Precision Agriculture.

Yin-Gang Hu
Crop genetics and breeding

Shares expertize including through visiting scientists to CIMMY | Northwest A & F University, China

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Ruilian Jing
Phenomics & genomics

Share expertize through collaborative projects funded by China  | CAAS
*Genome-wide association study reveals genomic regions controlling root and shoot traits at late growth stages in wheat

Ian & Julie King
Genetics and wide crossing

Germplasm with alien introgression | Nottingham University

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Peter Langridge
Genetics, Genomics

Germplasm, supervision of graduate students | University of Adelaide

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Caiyun Liu & Hongjun He
Genetic analysis and breeding
Shares expertize including through visits to HeDWIC Hub at CIMMYT, Mexico | Dezhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences
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David Lobell
Food security and modelling response to climate change
Statistical models of impact of climate change on wheat productivity and shared expertize on GxE analysis | Stanford University
Erik Murchie
Measurement of photosynthesis, canopy architecture, photoprotection, supervising graduate students | Nottingham University
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A.Murgineux/J Leroy
Plant Breeding
Genotyping and supervision of graduate students | Limagrain
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Eric Ober
Crop Physiology, root phenotyping

Field based root phenotyping | NIAB
*Ober et al., (in press) New sensors and data-driven approaches–a path to Next Generation Phenomics. Plant Science

Matthew Paul
Crop physiology, PGRs

Sugar-based stimulators of source and sink | Rothamsted

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Martin Parry
Characterization of photosynthetic traits in exotic species, radiation use efficiency | Lancaster
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Richard Richards
Plant Breeding, Physiology
Canopy architecture, heat and drought adaptive traits, advice on germplasm | CSIRO
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Roi Ben David
Crop physiology and genetic diversity
Shares germplasm and expertize including through visits to CIMMYT | Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) Volcani Center Israel
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Gustavo Slafer
Crop Physiology and management
Crop phenology, supervising graduate students | University of Llerida
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Richard Trethowan
Plant Breeding, Genetics
Field evaluations of SATYN nurseries at stressed sites in Australia through the CAIGE | Sydney University
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Cristobal Uauy
Plant breeding and genomics
Germplasm for research and breeding; supervising graduate students | John Innes Centre
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Michelle Watt
Crop Physiology, root phenotyping
Technology for root phenotyping | Juelich Institute
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