Global Testing Network

Over 200 collaborators have participated in evaluating the Stress Adaptive Trait Yield Nursery (SATYN), a HeDWIC nursery annually updated and distributed through the International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN).

If you are interested in receiving the SATYN, please submit a request through the seed request form found here. Nurseries are shipped annually starting in September (and shipping schedule may be influenced by recipient’s planting schedule).

Figure 1: Expected locations of 11th SATYN collaborators and/or nursery evaluation sites as of May, 2021. Collaborators color-coded by sector. Click here to view interactive map.

Figure 2: Locations of SATYN nursery recipients and/or nursery evaluation locations in prior years (i.e., 1st SAYTN through 10th SATYN) in addition to expected 11th SATYN locations, as of May 2021. Collaborators color-coded by sector. Click here to view interactive map.