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Receive Germplasm: One of the main technologies generated by HeDWIC is novel climate resilient germplasm which is freely available for research, as well as for breeding under the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA, see also CIMMYT Guidelines and Policies). Germplasm is distributed through the International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN) and can be requested here.

  • Stress Adaptive Trait Yield Nursery (SATYN): an annual nursery of approximately 30 new lines based on strategic crosses for climate resilience traits selected for adaptation to heat (even numbered nurseries) and drought stress (odd numbered nurseries), typically containing lines with genetically diverse pedigrees based on landraces and wide crosses. See the global network of collaborators evaluating the SATYN here. The SATYN can be requested here.
  • The Elite Diversity Panel International Experiment (EDPIE): a research panel of 150 genetically diverse lines that perform well under heat and/or drought stress plus probe lines; the panel will be trialed as part of the FFAR project and is available to any collaborator willing to return data. Please contact Dr. Matthew Reynolds ( if you are interested in the EDPIE.

Submit Germplasm: HeDWIC is open to receiving germplasm from collaborators that will be screened under heat and drought stress with the view to including it in pre-breeding and collaborative research. This is a powerful way for contributors to see their germplasm have broader application and benefit. To contact us about germplasm that you can submit, please see our contact information here.

See here for how to access and/or submit data regarding germplasm.